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LEPacy Challenge Rules

A LEPacy is a Sims 3 legacy-style challenge focusing heavily on the content and features of each expansion pack. It’s so easy to fall into a rut while playing and miss out on what each individual EP has to offer. The LEPacy dares you to explore all the things you’ve ignored!

The primary goal of each generation is to fulfill a Lifetime Wish you haven’t done before–and, of course, to find a way to carry on the family name to the next generation. The number of generations you’re aiming for is, ideally, the base game + the number of expansion packs you own. So, if you own all the EPs, you’re looking at 10 – 12 generations.

  1. Base Game
  2. World Adventures
  3. Ambitions
  4. Late Night
  5. (Generations)*
  6. Pets
  7. Showtime
  8. Supernatural
  9. (Seasons)*
  10. University Life
  11. Island Paradise
  12. Into the Future

*Neither Generations nor Seasons came with any new Lifetime Wishes, so treat them as freebies–either skip those generations entirely, or pick a LTW from any other EP. As an example, the “Surrounded by Family” LTW might go well with Generations, while something outdoorsy, like “The Perfect Garden” LTW, would pair nicely with Seasons.

Play the expansion packs in release order, or swap them around! Some EPs might lend themselves to others. You can also play alongside the official Legacy Challenge Rules, or you can use cheats and mods and custom content galore. It doesn’t matter–just try to focus on an individual EP with each generation.

A “generation” is completed when the Lifetime Wish is fulfilled. If your heir dies before finishing their Lifetime Wish, what you do next is up to you. Want to explore some more? Assign your next generation heir a LTW from the same EP and try again, or resurrect your dead heir and have another go. Feel you’ve explored that EP enough? Move on to your next heir and the next EP on your list!

And that’s it. Really, that’s the only major guideline!

Since this challenge asks you to try out Wishes you’ve previously passed over, and because not everyone owns the same combination of EPs, a LEPacy will change from player to player. Don’t feel obligated to stick to what I’ve outlined above! For example, if you own Pets but have played with it often, or if you’ve completed every LTW that came with the EP, don’t devote a whole generation to it–unless you want to!

Suggestions (i.e. what I’m planning to do):

  • Feeling brave? Back up your files and uninstall everything but the base game. Reinstall the next EP only after you complete your current Sim’s Lifetime Wish!
  • Don’t forget the worlds that came with the EPs. Move your LEPacy family from Sunset Valley to Twinbrook, to Bridgeport, to Appaloosa Plains, to Starlight Shores, to Moonlight Falls, to Isla Paradiso.
  • Focus on the expansion pack content, too: play with minimal custom content and/or Stuff Packs.

This was taken from Simplishy